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What is Old is New | The Colorful History of Zildjian Zs

Only a few cymbals in history have been able to carve their names into the hall of fame and the Zildjian Zs are undeniably one of, if not — the BEST OF THEM. The Zildjian Zs have been known for their unparalleled power, explosive projection, and distinctive tones. Therefore earning a household name in the world of percussion, especially in stronger genres such as hard rock and metal!

The ability of these cymbals to easily cut through the mix with precision and intensity gained massive popularity in the community. And yes, it has been a long ride indeed for the Zildjian Zs all throughout the years! It all began in 1986 when Zildjian created the Original Z Family of Cymbals. It was then followed by the Original Z Custom line in 1994, packed with the sought-after feel and tone that heavy hitters loved. In 2001, the Z Custom Line refresh was released, featuring different styles and hammering updates. And finally, in 2009, we saw the launch of the Z3 Series highlighting the ultimate mix of power, projection, and playability of Zildjian’s top-class cymbals.

But guess what? After 15 long years, we are finally getting a glimpse of Zildjian Z’s latest iteration — the New Zildjian Z Customs! Poised to become the best version of the iconic Zildjian Zs, can these cymbals live up to their predecessors? How does it sound? Is it worth it? Stay tuned because that’s exactly what we’ll be finding out today only here at the  Drum Center of Portsmouth  — the LARGEST INDEPENDENTLY OWNED DRUM STORE. In. The. World!

The Gold Standard of Loud Cymbals | Zildjian Zs vs Paiste Rudes

Well, you already know! Here at DCP, we want to clearly showcase every feature of an instrument so you can have a better idea before buying it. And the best way to do it? Is through head-to-head comparisons. So with the New Zildjian Z Customs, we’re going to put it up against arguably the “Gold Standard” of loud cymbals which is no other than the Paiste Rudes! Are you ready? Prepare to turn it up because we’ll be featuring two setups for the Z Customs and one for the Rudes. Let’s go! 

The New Zildjian Z Customs

Of course, as expected — the New Zildjian Z Customs are built TOUGH. One thing you’ll immediately notice about these cymbals is their heavyweight construction. And it makes sense because the Zildjian Zs are designed to be loud and packed with a strong attack that can easily penetrate through the mix, especially during live performances! These Zildjian Zs are also crafted with minimal lathing and star-patterned machine hammering to make them sound more musical in general.

And hey, these Zildjian Zs look absolutely stunning! The brilliant finish is definitely eye-catching but also plays a huge role in the cymbals’ sharp cutting sound. The best part? Metal drummers can go all out with the Zildjian Z Customs because it has a versatile sound range capable of delivering explosive crashes to articulate rides and splashes! Ah, that’s the New Zildjian Z Customs for you —toughly built to rule metal!

Check out our two setups prepared today featuring the New Zildjian Z Customs!

Setup #1 - New Zildjian Zs

For the first setup of our New Zildjian Z Customs demo, we have 15” custom hi-hats, 17” and 19” crash cymbals, a 22” ride, and a 20” china. Check them all out! 

Setup #2 - New Zildjian Zs

The second setup of our New Zildjian Z Customs’ demo features the 14” custom hi-hats, 16” and 18” crash cymbals, an 18” china, and the star of the show — the 21” Mega Bell Ride . This is probably the best standout among the New Zildjian Z Custom series, of course, featuring a bell that easily cuts and is extremely loud. And you know what? Some might say that this is the “Ultimate Heavy Metal Cymbal”! 

The Paiste Rudes

Up next, we’ve got the legendary Paiste Rudes, which also has been ruling the game of loud cymbals for quite some time! These cymbals are known for their distinctive sound and robust construction, making them really popular in the world of rock, punk, and metal drummers. They are designed to withstand heavy playing, giving them unparalleled versatility in heavy music and the ability to endure intense live performances. Unlike the Zildjian Zs, these Paiste Rudes are not lathed but heavily hammered to give a raw and unrefined look. Oh, and the Paiste Rude Cymbals also have a wide range of models including crashes, rides, hi-hats, chinas, splashes, and more!

Take a look at our setup for the Paiste Rude Cymbals today:

Who won the battle of the loud cymbals for you? | Make sure to get your hands on the newest Zildjian Zs from only here at DCP!

And there you have it! We just witnessed a divine performance and comparison between two of the best loud cymbals that ever existed — the Zildjian Zs and the Paiste Rudes! Well, where else can you find badass drum content like this on the internet? Exactly. Only here at the  Drum Center of Portsmouth  — the LARGEST independently-owned drum store. IN. THE. WORLD!

Do you want a more in-depth head-to-head comparison featuring the actual performance and sound quality of these amazing loud cymbals from Zildjian and Paiste? Well, say no more because your wish is our command. Catch the live performance of these awesome cymbals by  checking out this video  and let our drum experts show you the monster performance of each!

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