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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You are a boutique store. That must mean that your prices are higher than my local chain store, right?

Not always. In fact, our in store pricing is typically at or intentionally below Minimum Advertised Price (or MAP). If somethings seems off, please bring it to our attention, as errors do occur.


I'm buying a drum set as a gift. I don't know what to get. Can you help?

Absolutely. Every one on staff here is an experienced drummer: in fact, we have over 200 years combined experience! On top of that, the staff is not paid on a commission basis. We are going to suggest what we feel is best for your budget. We have several references from people who were in your exact position.


I live internationally. My purchase had over $100 in VAT (Value added Tax) added. I don't want to pay it. Aren't you responsible for this?

No, we are not. please see the shipping and return policy page. In the event this occurs, there are NO EXCEPTIONS.


Do you take trade ins?

Yes, we do.


This item I have to trade in will sell for $200. Why are you only offering $100 for it? That's unfair!

You will find that we offer higher than normal trade prices, which is why we have such an extensive list of quality used gear. To break it down though, when we take your item in on trade, we view it as if we are purchasing an item at a wholesale rate to resell at a retail level. If we sell online, we need to factor nearly 10% of that to license fees, 40% to taxes, and another 10-15% in additional overheads. We try to be as fair as we can with trade ins, and many customers feel we do.


Why doesn't your staff jump all over me when I walk in the door like the excited kids do at my local big box store?

We are firm believers here at DCP of giving the customer the space they need. When you come in, you will be politely greeted and asked if we can help. If you want to "just look" then we will let you do that. If you need assistance with an item, we are eager to help you.


What's the best sounding snare drum in the store?

We get this one a lot. It really comes down to many aspects; what style of music it will be used for, what venue it will be used in, how it will be tuned, how it will be played, how much of a price range you are looking to stay within, and what material it's made of.


What's better? Snare drum "X" or Snare drum "Y"?

See above.


I was in the shop and didn't see the heads I needed. Can you order them in?

Yes. We likely have it in stock however, at our annex next door. Just ask and we will get it for you.


I came in and your staff really helped me make a selection I will be happy with. I found a better price online though. Do you match prices?

Yes, we do.  There are occasions where other dealers have a misprint, or an obvious error that prevents us from doing that however.  A typical response we have is 'Do they match service?"

We understand that your money is important, and that you want to get the best possible deal. That's what being a smart consumer is. Often times, WE are the lowest price already, and if it's not the case, please let us know and perhaps we can meet or beat the price, and on top of that, we can provide the SERVICE that the other places can't. We do free lifetime tuneups, we can assemble it for you, or ship it to you. On top of that, having a longstanding relationship with DCP will save you more money in the long run, and make you sound better. As our relationship grows, we learn about your sound and your tastes. We can make the best suggestions, and let you know about blowout specials before they even come available.


Are dogs welcome at DCP?



My band just put out our CD. Can we sell it at DCP?

We currently do not offer that service, but we suggest you try Bull Moose Music downtown.


I'm moving. Do you have some boxes I can have?

We use 99.9% of our boxes for shipping purposes, so we are unable to provide them. But, if it's in the dumpster, you can have it.


I'm moving across the country and I need to ship my drum kit. Can DCP help?

Yes! We are happy to professionally pack and ship your items for a fee. It's much less than you would pay at a packaging store.


I used to have Remo Oil Filled heads. Can you get those?

Actually, the only company to offer oil filled heads was/is Evans, with their hydraulic line. Other heads , notably the Remo Pinstripe gives the illusion of oil, but it's actually air trapped between the two plies.


Wow! Great store? Who's the best drummer in the world?

You are!


How do you tune your snare drums?