Royal Cymbals Showcase | The Newest Name in High-End!

Royal Cymbals Showcase | The Newest Name in High-End!

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Royal Cymbals Join the Craze | A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Guess who’s joining the royalty lineup of the Drum Center of Portsmouth’s cymbal collections? Ah, yes. You got that right. It’s no other than  Royal Cymbals  by the one and only Mr. Paul Francis himself!

Renowned as one of the most famous premier cymbal makers in the world, Paul created the Cymbal Craftsman boutique line which features dozens of world-class cymbal models. He spent decades perfecting his craft by inventing countless techniques and sounds that certainly birthed some of the most amazing cymbals in the world! Now, Paul proudly launched his own brand — the Royal Cymbal Company, together with Ms. Sarah Hagan who is another legend in the world of drums and percussion. Paul and Sarah prove to be a formidable team, willing to take on huge cymbal companies and establish their legacy as one of the best cymbal makers you have ever seen.

When Paul himself reached out to DCP and asked us to carry the Royal Cymbals lineup to the store — it was a no-brainer, we were all in. After all, we know expertise and quality when we see it. And here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we only offer the best of the best for our customers! So with Paul and Sarah’s Royal Cymbals Company, that’s 100% guaranteed. So, are you ready? Here are some of the finest creations of Royal Cymbals Company — where every cymbal is crafted with utmost precision, unparalleled quality, and majestic sound!

The Fantastic Four | Royal Cymbal Company’s Finest

Today, we’ll be checking out four (4) different sets and series of the Royal Cymbal Company namely: the Royal Dry Series, Royal Stellar Series, Cymbal Craftsman EAK, and other Cymbal Craftsman sets.

Each of these series has its own unique styles and sounds that are extremely special in their own right. But what cymbal works best for your style? What cymbal suits your setup best? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be finding out today. So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up and let’s get rolling with these masterpieces from Royal Cymbals!

Royal Cymbal Dry Series

First up is the Royal Cymbal Dry Series — these are partially lathed and unlathed cymbals that look absolutely cool while also sounding really amazing. These cymbals give off a very clean sound with a bit of dark and dry blend into it but still produce a nice and defined attack. The Royal Cymbal Dry Series can be played in any style you want but it’s a better fit for lower-intensity performances, especially jazz and soft rock.

So today, we’ve got a 22” ride, a 21” ride, a 19” crash ride, and some 14” hats to showcase the style and class of the Royal Dry Series. Check them out! 

Royal Cymbal Stellar Series

Next up in line, we have this ultra-beautiful Stellar Royal Cymbal Stellar Series which is a brand-new set of fantastic cymbals packed with lots of potential. This set still gives a really clean sound but is a bit darker compared to the Royal Cymbal Dry Series. It’s actually reminiscent of the iconic Zildjian K sounds or even the Sabian HHs that we all know. But among all of the four sets that we have today, these cymbals from the Stellar Series lineup are the most versatile. They would easily hold up in most rock settings aside from Metal but have the complexity and richness that would definitely kill it with other styles, especially pop and jazz.

Today, we also have four cymbals from the Stellar lineup, particularly a 22” ride, a 20” crash ride, a 19” crash, and a 14” hi-hat. All at affordable and reasonable prices!

Royal Cymbal Craftsman EAK

Coming up next, we have Paul’s greatest creations themselves — the Cymbal Craftsman, particularly the EAK Series. These are the “creams of the crop” or the “highest-end” line if you may, of Paul Francis. There are tons of cymbals in the Cymbal Craftsman Series, all of which are crafted with supreme attention to detail, utmost precision, and masterful techniques to produce elegant sounds for your cymbals.

The EAK Series is actually modeled after some iconic cymbals from Zildjian and you know what? You can see a lot of hammer marks in each cymbal indicating that every piece is carefully crafted by hand by the Royal Cymbals Company. So we’ve got some 14” hi-hats, a 22” ride, with 18” and 20” crash rides. These cymbals are also complex and versatile in their own right, with the hi-hats packing a crisp sound when closed and complex when open.

Don’t miss out on having one of the highest-end cymbal lineups of the Royal Cymbals Company!

Other Royal Cymbal Craftsman Series

Finally, we also have some more models from the Cymbal Craftsman Series to showcase cymbals that don’t really have their own line yet but pack an amazing sound as well. We wanted to test out other pieces being offered by the Royal Cymbal Company to have an idea about their versatility not only in sound quality but in affordability as well!

Make sure to give these cymbals a try and see if they’re a good fit for your kit! We have:

All fired up to become royalty? | Avail these awesome pieces from the Royal Cymbals Company only here at DCP!

And that was all of it! We’ve just gone over some of the best offerings by the Royal Cymbals Company, all available only here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth — the LARGEST independently-owned drum store. IN. THE. WORLD!

Oh, and don’t you worry about it. We also prepared a YouTube video dedicated to highlighting the actual performance and sound quality of these excellent cymbals from Royal. So don’t miss out! Catch the live performance and demo of Tom featuring these pieces by  checking out this video.

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