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DCP’s List of Best Metal Snare Drums for 2024

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DCP’s List of Best Metal Snare Drums for 2024

Hey there! What’s up? I see that you’re currently searching for the best metal snare drums out there, huh? Well, consider this your lucky day because you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect article made by the  Drum Center of Portsmouth  to help you find — THE ONE. That’s right! But hey, before we begin — why metal?

Drums can also be made out of plastic, fiberglass, and of course, wood. Each of these materials possesses a special ability that matches well depending on the drummer’s style and preference. However, metal snare drums became more popular because they produced brighter and more brilliant tones. Aside from that, metal snares can also deliver a longer sustain and an incredible attack that can easily cut through the mix.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right into it! Today, we’ll be giving you an awesome list of DCP’s Best Metal Snare Drums of 2024!

Blazing in at number one is an absolute winner, believe me. Dubbed the  Blackest Beauty  , this DCP Exclusive metal snare drum already charmed tons of customers and has been our store’s best-selling snare drum for a long time now.

You might be wondering — “Is it different from the iconic Black Beauty of Ludwig?”. Well, it absolutely is! Ludwig agreed to make a limited edition run of the iconic Black Beauty with a special black electroplated shell and ALL BLACK trimmings. From the hoops, the lugs, the tension rods, the strainer, the butt, and even the batter head are all black! Can you imagine? The “Black Beauty” is arguably the most legendary snare drum of all time. Then here comes the Blackest Beauty — armed to become even more legendary! If Darth Vader played the drums, this would be the snare drum he would play.

Let me just say it one more time, the Blackest Beauty is a DCP Exclusive and they are selling fast! So make sure to check it out and get one for yourself as soon as possible!

When extreme craftsmanship and attention to detail come into play, a masterpiece will definitely be born. And you know what? I won’t be surprised if seeing this  Joyful Noise Knight Hawk Metal Snare Drum  with your own eyes will give you tears of joy. Yes, it is THAT BEAUTIFUL!

First of all, it’s made using ferromanganese steel — this makes the shell exponentially harder than any conventional steel out there! Oh, and a bluing technique is also used on the bearing edges and bell flanges which makes the shell of the metal snare drum even harder than you can imagine. You know what? To take things into perspective, this special technique was used during the Middle Ages to produce armor! The blue hues that resulted from hardening the steel were actually favored by high-ranking knights. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

This masterfully-made Knight Hawk produces a truly clear and bright tone equipped with a beautiful array of overtones. The open timbale tone alone already separates it from the rest of the pack! Indeed, the extraordinary presence of this metal snare drum is undeniable. Make sure not to miss out!

Sitting at number three is another gorgeous piece that’s considered to be the heaviest and most dynamic metal snare drum that the great Ronn Dunnett ever created. The  Dunnett Classic Sledge  is made of a ridiculous 5MM thick solid Carbon Steel shell that speaks as articulately at a whisper as it does at a roar. Simply put — this metal snare drum records like every audio engineer’s dream. Oh, and not only that. It’s also capable of bringing in the heat during live performances!

This 14x6.5 metal snare drum sports a stunning “Matte Black” finish which is enough to make you look more than twice. It’s also equipped with the classic Dunnett Double-Edge/Double-Flange hoops, tube lugs, an R5 Strainer, Hypervent II, and astonishing 42-strand snare wires to give you that extra response. It even comes with an Ahead padded bag!

Ah, the  Canopus Type-R Bell Brass “Magnum. This is a beautiful metal snare drum that’s bound to give any drummer a powerful presence at any stage imaginable. It has an extremely wide range with unlimited power and intensity. Capable enough to deliver everything that a drummer wants from a metal snare drum in terms of power, tone, and volume. Well, it’s really not surprising since the “Magnum” COMES PACKED with a lot of features such as it Black Nickel plated hardware, 10 solid brass tube lugs, die-cast hoops, 4 red lock lug locks, 30-strand backbeat snare wires, and Remo USA drum heads. Talk about a solid metal snare drum! 

The key to unlocking all this power behind the Canopus BTR-1465? The 3MM seamless brass shell. This is something that only a few metal snare drums out there are capable of providing. But with the “Magnum” by your side, I’m sure that you’ll be able to conquer every stage and recording studio you set foot on!

There it is! Another entry by Joyful Noise is this elegant  Beacon Bronze 14x6.5 Metal Snare Drum  featuring a wonderful “Ferric Patina” finish. I mean, just look at that beauty. The organic golden prismatic finish is absolutely unique and stunning! Oh, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Beacon Bronze also consists of 2.5mm solid brass bright nickel-plated triple flanged hoops, 10 solid brass bright nickel-plated Corder tube lugs, bell-flanged bearing edges, and vintage-inspired crimped snare beds. To top it all off — this metal snare drum also comes with a 24k gold-plated brass JNDC feather motif drum badge that absolutely stands out.

But hey, this extraordinary metal snare drum isn’t just about its looks. For starters, the bronze shells are hand-picked for their superior vibrance and incredible warmth. Then, the bearing edges and snare beds are also manually finished by hand to refine and optimize the sonic performance of the drum.

I’ve just given you a taste of how special these Joyful Noise Beacon Bronze metal snare drums really are. You can unlock its full potential when you’re the one actually playing it! It is known to be extremely accurate and powerful. But also possesses the appropriate set of high-end frequencies that’s evidence enough of this drum’s ability to shine like a beacon. Oh, and this kit also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a JNDC Strainer Tutorial DVD. See? Talk about an action-packed metal snare drum just for you!

Now, coming in at number six is this magnificent  Tama Star Reserve Hand-Hammered Aluminum Snare Drum  which evidently shattered the traditional image of an aluminum snare drum! How? Simple. By showcasing its innovative sound that has blown away a lot of people.

This high-end metal snare drum from Tama Star features a 3mm meticulously hand-hammered shell which delivers deep resonance, sensitivity, and control. Three major factors that unlock a drummer’s full potential — enabling you to become as versatile and creative as you want! The best part? This metal snare drum allows you to do that while still maintaining a bright and quick attack.

Indeed, it has an extremely unique sound that can’t be found in any other model out there. It’s also very user-friendly because it offers rich and low frequencies along and powerful highs without the need to tune the drum up in pitch! Amazing, right? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding rookie in the world of drums, this metal snare drum masterpiece by Tama Star is a must-have for you!

Ah, now this one is a BEAST! No matter what kind of drum we’re talking about, it’s just a fact that the British Drum Company always delivers with their craft. Just take a look at this  Nicko McBrain Signature “Talisman” Metal Snare Drum

It’s a 14x6.5 metal snare drum featuring a seamless spun British Steel shell that’s handcrafted in the UK itself. You can also spot the elegant 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, round overbearing edges, Code drum heads, and 42-strand snare wires for extra responsiveness. Oh, and the characteristic ridges rolling across the outer surface of this beautiful metal snare drum are definitely hard to ignore. They invoke an artisan’s craft in a signature finish, that’s 100% unique in every single drum.

Now let’s talk about how this beast of a metal snare drum sounds to the ears. First off — it’s cool and understated. But hey, the Talisman doesn’t hold back when played! It’s loud, vibrant, and full of tone. Perfect to deliver a spectacular performance on any stage. Well, what can you expect? It’s designed by one of the world’s greatest metal drummers ever after all. The man himself, Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden!

Finally, we have the mesmerizing  Gretsch USA Custom 2mm Metal Snare Drum  with a great copper finish that’s certainly charming to the eyes. Featuring a unique 2mm copper shell, this fresh Gretsch USA metal snare drum bridges the gap between the open sound of a 1mm and the cutting crack of a 3mm shell. Talk about innovation and breaking the stigma, right?

This beautiful metal snare drum also features 10 lugs with diecast hoops and lightning throw-off enabling you to switch on the snare wires in an instant. Top it all off with the beautiful “Polished Copper” finish of the kit and you already have a powerful metal snare drum in the palm of your hand. One that can absolutely become a staple in stages and studios anywhere in the world!

The 8 Precious Metal Snares | Order one of these must-have metal snare drums from DCP now!

And that’s all of it! Those were the eight best metal snare drums of 2024 here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth — the largest independently owned drum store in the world. Want to see a comprehensive head-to-head comparison of each of these 8 metal snare drums to help you decide which one to purchase? Drop a comment below and feel free to request any drum or cymbal you want us to check out!

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