The Best Cymbal Box Sets

When it comes to cymbal packs, most of them have some good cymbals, with some bad ones mixed in.   It seems that there wasn't any thought that went in to them.  But I understand, the companies want to put regular, standard sized cymbals in the box, and the inexperienced drummer won't know the difference.

We know the difference.

That's why we designed these sets that are drummer optimized, and ready for the stage, studio, or home use.  We agonized over just the right sizes and sounds, and the end result is something we're incredibly proud of, the Drum Center of Portsmouth Box Sets. 

Bringing these on is a large investment for us but I believe that once you play them, you'll agree that these are the sets to go with.  We hope you enjoy them.

View our DCP designed cymbal box sets here.