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DW DWe Drums | The Future is Wireless!

By :Adam Frost 0 comments
DW DWe Drums | The Future is Wireless!


DWe – An American Classic, Electrified

This made in the USA, acoustic-electronic set represents a groundbreaking design, enabling drummers to explore new realms of expression like never before...without wires!

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

DWe combines the world-renowned craftsmanship of DW with cutting-edge technology. These acoustic-electronic convertible drums are equipped with authentic DW, Gretsch and Slingerland sounds, revolutionary wireless capabilities, and the meticulous attention to detail that has made DW "The Drummer's Choice" since 1972.

Endless Possibilities

These drums are not just instruments; they're sources of inspiration for artists seeking to push the boundaries of their creativity. DWe opens up a world of possibilities, allowing drummers to explore new horizons in their music. Use the e-kit setup for quieter practice at home, to write and record, or to just explore endless sampling possibilities.

When it's time to gig, simply remove the triggers, swap out the mesh heads for the included mylar acoustic heads, and you're good to go...all done with just a drum key! 

Unparalleled Wireless Technology

Say goodbye to the clutter of wires and cables. With DWe's proprietary wireless technology, setting up your drum set has never been more straightforward. Connect effortlessly to the DrumLink™ hub and immerse yourself in a world of rhythmic possibilities.


Electronic Excellence

Innovative Features for Enhanced Playability From the intuitive digiMAG snare throw-off to the pressure-sensing cross-stick detection, DWe goes the extra mile to offer an authentically natural playing experience. With features like pitch bend capabilities, drumming feels more real than ever.

Extensive Trigger Capabilities Embrace a vast range of dynamics with up to 10 zones and 16 velocities per drum. Whether you're playing a gentle roll or a thunderous fill, DWe captures every nuance of your performance.


Software and Integration 

Introduction to DW Soundworks™ Meet DW Soundworks, a drummer's dream. This software offers a powerful, intuitive interface and advanced controls for those looking to fine-tune their sound. It's your sound, your way.

Seamless Workflow Integration DWe is designed to effortlessly fit into your existing workflow. Whether you're connecting to a DAW or integrating with third-party software, DWe ensures a smooth experience.


Sound Quality

Authentic DW Drums Sound Samples DWe isn't just about high-tech features; it's about genuine sound. Recorded at the DW factory, these samples provide the most authentic representation of DW sounds available, offering drummers unparalleled auditory authenticity.

Sound Customization With up to 18 layers of multi-articulation definition per instrument, DW Soundworks offers complete sound customization. Create, customize, and captivate your audience.


DWe's Unique Build 

Premium Shell Construction Every DWe e33™ shell boasts nine layers of Pure North American Hard Rock Maple, meticulously arranged in the patented 333™ shell configuration. These shells are designed to provide a nuanced, low-volume tone, allowing drummers to discern the shell's pitch even when played electronically.

The VLT™ Orientation Experience a powerful low-end punch, enhanced resonance, and sharp attack, all thanks to the Vertical Low Timbre orientation. It reduces shell tension and offers drummers an unmatched auditory experience.

Proudly Made in the USA: DW Drums Factory Crafted with precision and pride in the renowned DW Drums factory in California, DWe represents five decades of unmatched craftsmanship and innovation. It's not just a drum set; it's a testament to American ingenuity.



DWe™ has set a new standard in drumming, offering drummers an unmatched blend of acoustic authenticity and electronic excellence - wire free! It's more than just a drum set; it's the future of drumming. This type of breakthrough innovation comes with a hefty price tag, but with the seemingly limitless capabilities from just ONE set of drums, it could very well be worth it. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we carry every size, finish and add-on for these incredible DWe acoustic / electronic drums!



  1. Is the transition from acoustic to electronic mode in DWe seamless? Yes, all components come standard for an easy transition, and you can change from electronic to acoustic with just a drum key.

  2. What materials are used in the DWe shell construction? The shells are constructed from nine-ply Pure North American Hard Rock Maple. 

  3. How many zones and velocities does DWe support per drum? DWe supports up to 10 zones and 16 velocities per drum.

  4. Can I integrate DWe with my existing DAW? Absolutely! DWe is designed for seamless integration with any DAW.

  5. Is the DW Soundworks software included in the DWe 4-Piece Complete Kit? Yes, a license for DW Soundworks is included in the bundle.

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