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The 11 Best Ways To Dampen Your Snare Drum!

By :Tony Interlande 0 comments
The 11 Best Ways To Dampen Your Snare Drum!


When it comes to drumming, your snare drum sound is a crucial component to your overall sound. However, sometimes the snare drum can produce unwanted overtones or excessive ring, which can less than desirable. That's where snare drum dampening comes in. Dampening your snare drum helps control the overtones, reduces unwanted ringing, and allows for better control over your sound. In this article, we will explore the 11 best ways to dampen your snare drum.

  1. "The OG" - Moongel:

    One of the most popular snare drum dampening products is Moongel. This reusable gel pad sticks to the drumhead and can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired dampening effect. It allows for precise control over the snare's tone by absorbing excess vibrations and overtones.

  2. Drumdots Drum Dampening Pads:

    Drumdots are small, adhesive-backed gel pads that can be placed strategically on your snare drumhead. They provide targeted dampening and are particularly useful for controlling specific areas of the drumhead. The Drumdots 4-Pack offers versatility and flexibility in achieving your desired sound.

  3. Tackle Percussion Shop Rag Tone Dampener:

    This innovative dampening product attaches to your snare drum rim and rests on the drumhead, providing an adjustable amount of dampening. Made from a high-quality fabric, the Tackle Percussion Shop Rag Tone Dampener allows for easy customization and control over the drum's resonance.

  4. Slapklatz Pro Drum Dampener Gel Pads:

    Slapklatz Pro Drum Dampener Gel Pads are sticky, gel-based pads that adhere to the drumhead, offering a wide range of dampening options. These reusable pads can be easily applied and removed, allowing for quick adjustments to achieve your desired snare drum sound.

  5. Snareweight Drum Damper M1:

    The Snareweight M1 is a premium drum damper made from high-quality leather. It attaches magnetically to the drumhead and provides adjustable dampening by pressing against the drumhead surface. The M1 Brown offers a warm, controlled sound while maintaining the drum's natural resonance.

  6. Snareweight Drum Damper #5 Brass:

    For a different tonal character, the Snareweight Drum Damper #5 Brass is an excellent choice. This brass damper attaches magnetically and can be easily repositioned to achieve optimal dampening. The brass material adds a touch of brightness and articulation to your snare drum sound.

  7. Big Fat Snare Drum Studio Pack - Quesadillas:

    The Big Fat Snare Drum Studio Pack - Quesadillas features a set of removable dampening rings. These rings sit on top of the drumhead, effectively reducing overtones and providing a drier sound. The Studio Pack offers versatility and allows you to experiment with different levels of dampening.

  8. Big Fat Snare Drum Combo:

    If you're looking for a quick and easy way to change your snare drum sound, the Big Fat Snare Drum Combo 14 is a great option. This product is a drumhead overlay with built-in dampening properties. It instantly transforms your snare drum into a deep, fat, and controlled sound.

  9. Drumtacs Drum and Cymbal Mufflers:

    Drumtacs are adhesive gel pads that can be placed on both the snare drumhead and cymbals. They offer effective dampening and are versatile enough to be used on various drumming surfaces. With Drumtacs, you can easily adjust the dampening levels to achieve your desired sound.

  10. Evans EQ Pad Drum Damper Gels:

    The Evans EQ Pad Drum Damper Gels are gel-based dampeners that adhere directly to the drumhead. These gels offer a controlled and focused sound by reducing unwanted overtones. They are durable, reusable, and can be easily repositioned to achieve optimal dampening.

  11. Cympad "The Shark" Gated Drum Dampener:

    The Cympad "The Shark" Gated Drum Dampener is a unique product designed specifically for snare drums. It features a gated design that allows for precise control over the snare drum's sustain and ring. The Shark dampener is adjustable and provides an effective solution for taming excessive overtones.

Conclusion: Dampening your snare drum is essential for achieving the desired sound and control. Whether you prefer gel pads, adhesive-backed dampeners, or drumhead overlays, the 11 products mentioned above offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Experimenting with different dampening techniques and products will allow you to find the perfect balance between resonance and control, ensuring your snare drum sound stands out in any musical setting.

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