International Drum Month at Drum Center of Portsmouth

May Is International Drum Month - Share Your Story

Written by: Shane Kinney



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Celebrating International Drum Month

The Percussion Marketing Council has designated the entire month of May as International Drum Month.  We think this is outstanding, however, every day is International Drum Month Day in our world!  

  But, celebrating International Drum Month should be just that: celebrating.  And we had an idea to turn the spotlight around on you, our army of drummers.  

  We recognize how taking up the drums can positively effect your life, and we also recognize the need for more people to take up the drums, instead of video games or mobile devices.  Perhaps, if we can get a few stories out there from some of our customers then that will motivate someone else to play the drums!

💡 Did you know

Playing the drums offers a unique blend of physical and mental health benefits. Physically, drumming is a full-body workout, engaging muscles in the arms, shoulders, legs, and core. The repetitive motion of drumming can improve cardiovascular health and stamina while also enhancing coordination and motor skills. Moreover, the rhythmic patterns involved in drumming stimulate brain activity, leading to improved cognitive function and mental agility. Drumming also serves as a form of stress relief, as the act of drumming releases endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, promoting a sense of well-being and reducing anxiety and tension. Additionally, drumming in a group setting fosters social connections and a sense of community, further boosting mental health and overall happiness. Whether it's the physical exertion, mental stimulation, or emotional release, playing the drums offers a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Share Your Story and WIN - Just Follow These Steps!

Let Us Help Make You Famous! Well... kinda.

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  • Tell Us About You:  email us a paragraph (or 3!) telling us how playing the drums has positively affected your life. 
  • Share Some Pictures if you in the beginning of your journey, now, and anywhere in between
  • Include Your Links  if you would like. We can create a link to your page/profile if you so wish.
  • Win!  We will share your story and pictures on our social media channels and enter you our grand prize drawing!
International Drum Month at Drum Center of Portsmouth

The Grand Prize

Tama SLP G-Kapur Snare Drum 14x6 Amber Sunset Fade

Limited to 200 Pieces Worldwide!

The best way to win at International Drum Month is to win a new snare drum!

Who wouldn't love to win this?

This Limited Edition SLP 14x6 G-Kapur snare drum features a beautiful Mappa Burl outer ply, 10mm/11ply Kapur shell, and black nickel hardware.

Delivering a sharp attack, solid tone, and powerful projection, this snare drum demands attention with its eye-catching look and distinct sound.

Tama SLP G-Kapur Snare Drum for International Drum Month at Drum Center of Portsmouth


 All stories must be submitted by 11:59PM EST, Friday, May 24th, The winning submission will be chosen by Friday, May 31st, the conclusion of international drum month. The top 25 submissions we choose will also win some FREE DCP MERCH! 

Need Some Help Putting this Together?

Check out the video below and we'll illustrate how to do this.  


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Lessons With a Master?!

Enter the Contest to Win!

To celebrate International Drum Month, the Percussion Marketing Council is giving away a one hour lesson with one of the following drummers, all you need to do is fill out their form, and FIVE winners will be picked! Plus, if you win, you get an additional $200 to spend at your favorite drum store (hopefully DCP!) for more drum gear! Lessons with a Master
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