PART 1 | The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyer's Guide

PART 1 | The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyer's Guide

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The Ultimate Guide | PART 1!

Are you looking to add an incredible accent to your current cymbal setup? If that’s the case, then you have to tune in with us because that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today — splash cymbals. And a whole lot of them!

Splash cymbals go extremely well with almost all kinds of music whether it’s jazz, country, or rock. It’s capable of providing a clean and clear performance while giving a bit of accent to your sound! Here at the  Drum Center of Portsmouth, we cater tons of splash cymbals in our vault. So to give you a better point of view, we’ll only be focusing on 10” splash cymbals. And hey — as I’ve said in the title, this is “The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyers’ Guide”, right? That’s why today, we’ll be comparing not only 10, not 20, but 31 splash cymbals all in all!

Ah, that’s a whole lot of splash cymbals for you to choose from. So, are you ready? Here are 31 splash cymbals from DCP to spice up your performance!

First up, is this awesome  Wuhan 457  which you can score for only $18.99! Unlike other “sheet cymbals” which are typically fabricated by machines, these bad boys are hand-hammered to perfection. Giving them a remarkable sound for an entry-level price. To top it all off — the brilliant finish of this amazing splash cymbal absolutely turns back heads! 

You know what? This  Wuhan Western  absolutely STOLE THE SHOW and was chosen by tons of viewers as the best splash cymbal on this list. Why? Well, for only $28.99 — you’re bound to get a whole lot more for your money! It’s thin, crisp, and quick. Just exactly what you need for any kind of performance. 

Sitting at number 3 is this beautiful  Meinl HCS  which only goes for $35.99. It has an immediate and cutting bright response that’s perfect for fast accents in your cymbal setup. For a long time, the HCS series of Meinl has always been one of the top choices for budget-friendly cymbals. That’s right, especially for beginners! 

The  SBR Splash Cymbals  of Sabian are a fantastic choice for beginners out there. Why? Because for only $38.99, you can already expect to have a splash cymbal that’s in a class of its own. Its hammered and lathed surface produces a tightly focused sound that also gives a fast and punchy flashy accent response. This small and thin 10” splash cymbal is indeed the best value in brass! 

Ah, and there it is! A cymbals list wouldn’t be complete without a Paiste in it, that’s a fact. Well, that’s what you get for offering high-quality sound design at an affordable price, right?

Just take a look at this  Paiste PST 7  — for only $57, you can already have a versatile splash cymbal that’s well suited for a wide variety of music styles! It has a bright, warm, sputtering, and short sound. Along with a fairly narrow range and clean mix that you’ll definitely love. Oh, and don’t forget its explosive, fast-fading splash for light, bursting accents as well!

Coming in at number 6 is another entry from Paiste which is the  PST 8 Reflector Rock. Do you know what’s so special about this splash cymbal? Well, for only $67, it comes ABSOLUTELY PACKED with amazing features! It has a bright, explosive, and clear sound that comes with beautiful clarity, warmth, and tonal definition.

The PST 8 also comes with a fast attack and even decay. This sounds fairly strong and assertive given that’s why it’s perfectly used for louder musical applications!

Of course, another household name in the world of cymbals is Zildjian. And I’m 100% certain that you’ll love these  Zildjian I Family  Splash cymbals! Made from B8 alloy, these bad boys feature a thinner weight but deliver more washy and emotive sounds that ring out in any performance. Priced at only $74.95, these 10” splash cymbals are absolutely one of the best choices for budding drummers out there.

Oh, and here’s a little trivia — did you know that the “I” in this Zildjian cymbal’s name stands for “Ilham”? That’s right! And “Ilham” is a Turkish word for “inspiration. So get yourself one of these awesome splash cymbals and get inspired to create amazing music!

Another entry from Sabian is this gorgeous  B8X Splash Cymbal  which you can get for only $76.99! Known for its extremely fast, bright, and high-end cutting sounds — you wouldn’t even believe that these are entry-level splash cymbals. The B8X is precision-formed, hammered, and lathed to produce the pure and tight sounds of bronze. These are in a class of their own and can certainly perform even on professional levels! 

Sweeping into the list at the 9th spot is the  Wuhan KOI Splash Cymbal  known for providing a quick dark punch of color that’s perfect for accenting a musical passage. This opens an ocean of opportunities in any performance and makes a drummer more versatile than he ever imagined! The best part? It only costs a bit above $77. 

Ah, the Classics. It’s definitely hard to beat the classics, especially if we’re talking about the beautiful  Meinl Classics Customs! Going for about $85 apiece, these splash cymbals create crisp, glassy sounds with immediate response and short decay. Allowing any drummer to maximize his creativity on stage. Oh, and it’s also perfect for producing bright and cutting sounds for fast accents! 

Are you ready to meet the “new meta” in the world of cymbals? Take a look at this elegant  Turkish Meta Splash Cymbal  featuring the genius B20 technology that uses a combination of expert machine and hand lathing to craft. B20 is the modern essence of technology and advancement in cymbal-making. And for this $89 masterpiece, it absolutely shows! These splash cymbals are capable of delivering sounds that bridge all kinds of genres and break musical boundaries. 

Quick and bright sounds are what you should expect from these beautiful  Zildjian S Splash Cymbals. The S Series is just beyond extraordinary and sounds extremely good. It also offers a cutting tone that blends perfectly in any cymbal setup, especially as part of a mini stacker cymbal. The best part? It only costs about $110. Shane is right, you definitely can’t beat its value! 

I’m sure you’ll agree but there’s just something special about a  Turkish Classic  that sounds absolutely amazing. Just like this classic splash cymbal which is professionally engineered to represent the standard of the Turkish brand. The weight and hammering techniques used in creating this splash cymbal are reminiscent of the “Vintage K” series but with a contemporary tonal flavor.

For $113, prepare to enrich your whole setup with a wide range of timbres from dark with full-bodied sustain all the way to bright with pure crash tones. Indeed, this Turkish Classic crash cymbal truly brings out the best in your performance!

For sounding so amazing while still being priced reasonably, you just can’t help but gush over this  Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant  splash cymbal. It delivers a quick and direct responding tone with a clean attack that every drummer will definitely love. These cymbals weigh in the range of 200 to 250 grams, which means they give a lower pitch compared to others. Oh, and yes — it only costs a bit above $122! 

And yet another masterpiece is before us here at number 15 — the  Meinl Pure Alloy Traditional Splash Cymbal. Known for its effortless touch and clean sound, the Pure Alloy series features a timeless voice that is created with fully lathed surfaces and allows any drummer to be expressive in virtually any style of music. This 10” splash cymbal in particular has a quick response with crisp attack and bright tonality. And it’s totally perfect for accents or counterbalancing big crashes! Guess what? It only goes for about $140. Great deal!

There goes PART 1 | Got any splash cymbal here that caught your attention? Order now from DCP!

And that's it! This was just PART 1 of DCP's Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyers' Guide. Make sure to tune in for PART 2 as we explore more splash cymbals only here at the  Drum Center of Portsmouth — the largest independently owned drum store in the world.

Still thinking about which one to purchase? Don’t worry because here at DCP, we go to great lengths just to showcase the quality and performance of each and every instrument we offer. Oh, and nobody else makes amazing and comprehensive head-to-head comparisons of your favorite percussion instruments like us. So come on and check this video out! 

Are you still looking for more remarkable drums and percussion instruments to add to your collection? Feel free to visit our website or subscribe to our YouTube channel Drum Center of Portsmouth for more amazing content. See ya around!

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