PART 2 | The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyer's Guide

PART 2 | The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyer's Guide

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The Ultimate Guide | PART 2!

Hey there! So, how was it? Were you able to enjoy PART 1? Or are you ready for more and all buckled up to make a splash? Ah, I'm sure you're all fired up and excited for the continuation of DCP's The Ultimate Splash Cymbal Buyers' Guide. Well then, let's get straight to it! 

Looking to cause a splash to your musical performance? Well, you can never go wrong with Zildjians! This  Zildjian “A” Splash Cymbal  or “Avedis” splash is a perfect addition to your cymbal setup. It delivers a bright, punchy, and cutting tone while still being refined throughout its punctuated note. It’s also extremely responsive and paper-thin, making it a great fit for almost any kind of setup. The best part? You can get your very own for only $155!

Want your performance to be heard all the way to the stars? Well, nothing suits your setup better than the  Turkish Ad Astra Splash Cymbal!  It delivers a dark, controlled, and naturally clear tone to your setup. And when it’s properly handled, get ready to have a TOTALLY UNIQUE cymbal presence to make your performance stand out even more. Oh, that’s right — it’s only $155!

As I’ve said earlier, the B20 technology is the modern essence of technology and advancement in the world of cymbals. And this time — Sabian is the one who utilized it in making the  AA Brilliant Finish Splash Cymbal! It projects a quick and bright sound while announcing your presence with a fierce and penetrating projection. Man, this B20 extra thin bronze is just something else. It gives you a lot of power for only $164.99!

We keep on talking about the greatness of traditional cymbals. So it’s just fitting that we take a look at this elegant  Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash Cymbal  that absolutely catches the attention of many! Priced at $171.52, this 10” splash cymbal delivers a dark and warm tone with papery attack. The hammered patterns of this beautiful splash cymbal also stand out in any setup. So make sure to get one for yours!

Ah, finally. There it is! The iconic  Zildjian K Splash Cymbal  has influenced several generations over the decades. These famous cymbals are known for their beautiful dark and warm sounds that echo the masterpiece developed by Zildjian way back in the 19th century. These classic splash cymbals are a top choice for every drummer no matter the genre. Whether it’s jazz, country, or rock — the Zildjian Ks are very suitable for any kit.

Oh, and you know what? These Zildjian Ks are easily recognizable by their vented “K” logo and they certainly look amazing. The best part? You can buy these masterpieces for only $174.95!

Right after the iconic Ks, let’s now take a glimpse at another set of masterpieces — the Zildjian A Customs, which are timeless classics that transcend the music of the 90s all the way to today. This splash cymbal has a brilliant finish and features modern rotary hammering patterns for a thinner weight and symmetrical grooves that not only look good but also create just enough stiffness.

The Zildjian A delivers a bright and punchy tone with refined cutting that makes any performance stand out. And just for the same price as the Zildjian Ks at $174.95, you can already have a timeless classic! 

Right up next is the  Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Splash Cymbal  which is perfect for any kind of musical style where you need quick accents. Priced at about $180, this 10” splash cymbal promises to deliver a clear punch and crisp shimmer thanks to its raw hammered bell and lathed bow. Oh, and it also produces cutting top-end presence for a great and all-around splash! 

The  Sabian Paragon Splash Cymbal  is an extraordinary instrument designed by the one and only Neil Peart, the famous drummer of RUSH. It’s a small and thin model with fast and punchy responses that give the drummer maximum versatility. And although it sounds glassy, it’s also surprisingly powerful! Priced at about $185, these premium splash cymbals work best in Rock settings but can also be adjusted to be used on any musical style.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet subtle splash cymbal to add to your setup, then the Sabian Paragon is what you need. Oh, and it’s also made of B20 bronze! You know, the cutting-edge technology when it comes to cymbal making.

Sitting at number 24 is another masterpiece — the  Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Splash Cymbal. This remastered version of the iconic original dry cymbal of Zildjian is perfectly engineered to adapt to today’s musical styles and preferences. It can deliver a dry and funky sound with quick attacks and lots of dirt. It can also shut down quickly to express powerful expression or personality for any drummer.

This bad boy is priced at about $190 — such a great deal since we’re talking about the timeless quality of Zildjian Ks. This 10” splash cymbal is also crafted using a three-step hammering process that features fully-lathed bottoms with a raw natural top finish and all raw natural top finish with traditional finish underneath.

Next up on the list is the  Meinl Byzance Jazz Splash Cymbal  sporting a beautiful glossy finish that definitely stands out from any kind of setup. Priced at about $190, these 10” splash cymbals are musically deep and dark. It’s also packed with colorful tones, aiding the drummer to maximize his creativity as much as possible. The Meinl Byzance Cymbals have been sort of a new classic in today’s world of percussion. Well, it’s all thanks to Meinl for creating a sound that definitely captured the taste of a lot of drummers all over the world! 

Trust me, the multiple small-hole pattern design of this  Sabian AAX Aero Splash Cymbal  definitely catches the attention of a lot of drummers. But hey — this 10” splash cymbal isn’t only about great unique designs. It also boasts an amazing performance! If what you’re searching for is the perfect blend of musical effects with white noise, then the AAX Aero Splash is what you need. Priced at $195, these Sabian splash cymbals are already a great deal for all-purpose professional cymbals. 

Coming in at number 27 is another Sabian masterpiece — the  HHX Splash Cymbal. Before the creation of HHX, it was hard to imagine a splash cymbal that could project darkness. Well, not anymore! The HHX delivers fast, biting, and colorful tones with a punchy attack and rapid decay rate. These truly hand-hammered splash cymbals allow any drummer’s performance to be heard and recognized.

The Sabian Vault team really overdid themselves by producing a beautiful splash cymbal that has an organic sound and is able to push the sonic boundaries of music. The best part? You can score one of these professional splash cymbals for only about $200. A great investment indeed! 

From the name itself, you can expect to project a unique sound from the  Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Splash Cymbal  which is also going for about $200. First of all, it looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds spectacular as well. It delivers an especially crisp splashy punch along with a remarkable tonal spectrum spanning from low to high frequencies. That feature alone can already boost your skills to professional levels and give you something to practice with on a daily basis if you’re a beginner! 

If you’re looking for a reliable splash cymbal that easily blends into the musical scene or any cymbal setup, then come see this beautiful  Sabian FRX Splash Cymbal! Offering a super-quick and pristine response, this 10” cymbal is designed to be played in musical environments where traditional cymbals seem to be just too much. It delivers a 100% splash tone which also offers complex and versatile tones across the line.

Oh, and guess what? These are also B20 bronzes, top-notch indeed! For $210, you can add one of these bad boys to your setup!

Ah, the  Paiste Signature Reflector Splash Cymbal. This $213 professional cymbal is a jack of all trades. It delivers bright, full, silvery, and sizzling tones easily. Oh, and also a great cutting splash with a rich sound that’s very suitable for any kind of music! Whether it’s a stage or studio performance, the Signature Reflectors are the best in the business. And you know what? This 10” splash cymbal actually looks pure and stunning. It definitely stands out from the mix!

Finally! To wrap things up — we have the  Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Splash Cymbal. This is one of the most in-demand cymbals of Paiste and a lot of people actually want the classic sound of the 602s to be heard once again in the modern era. So guess what? Paiste just granted their wishes and with a whole lot of new models to choose from too! For $244, this professional splash cymbal combines clarity and consistency with deepness and warmth. And also has well-balanced qualities that easily fit with any cymbal setup out there. 

Have you already decided which splash cymbal to buy from the mix? Order yours now from DCP!

And there you have it! Ah, that was a lot! Well, the good news is — you can find all of them here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth. The largest independently owned drum store IN THE WORLD!

Now, I know that choosing the most suitable splash cymbal to add to your setup requires a lot of details. It isn’t just about the price or the design of the cymbals that matters, but the actual performance itself! So don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. After all, our articles wouldn’t be complete without featuring an exciting head-to-head comparison between these amazing 10” splash cymbals, right? So check out this video and let our drum experts show you the performance of each splash cymbal from the list!

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